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We use certain logical and professional written tests when recruiting for managerial posts and some specialist jobs. The test results are decisive in themselves, because they form part of the total assessment.

During the recruitment process we may ask you to provide references from your previous employment or academic studies, which we use to form a broad assessment.

If you are invited for interview, this typically takes place not longer than 1 weeks after you have passed the test step. At the interview you will meet the head of the relevant department and/or a member of the personnel department.

It is important that you prepare for the interview, in order to give us the best possible basis for assessment. We expect you to have questions regarding the job and the company. If, after the first interview, we feel it appropriate to progress your application to the next stage, you will be invited for a second interview – assuming of course that you would like to work for KONTAKT.

Field of application:

  • Architectures , urbanites
  • Engineers (construction, mechanic, electric, geodetic)
  • Economist
  • Jurist

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New Graduates, Professions (more then 5 years of experience), Internships.