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KONTAKT Construction, connects people, projects and products across the design and construction industry, serving owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, building product manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, distributors, and adjacent markets.

In print, online, and through events, KONTAKT offers a variety of tools, applications, and resources that embed in the workflow of our customers, providing them with the information and intelligence they need to be more productive, successful, and competitive.

  • We have the perfect balance between quality and cost.
    April 22, 2011 It's tough to add even more sharm to marble cliff, but we did.

    You'll find special touches at every turn and unmatched quality throughout. Interior standarts: Wall and celling Warm white walls. Smoothed fnished celling throughout. Garages walls fully... Read More →
  • Available spaces at residential building 4 Shkurti
    April 19, 2011 The most recent addition to what is being widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and unique condominium projects in central of Tirana was the completion of the residential bulding in 4 Shkurti street one of KONTAKT projects.

    The customized build-out of this space... Read More →
  • An agreement between KONTAKT and HTT on Homeplan residential.
    April 16, 2011 KONTAKT Ltd has signed an agreement with H.T.T Ltd for the Supply/ Placement of the Electricity project for the Residence Homeplan situated in the Street "Frosina Plaku", No. 40, Tirana, Albania. This basic electrical design contract proves that Kontakt's and the company he is... Read More →
  • Commercial residential spaces in HOMEPLAN
    April 14, 2011 “Residential is great, but if you really want to add more people, an office is a huge component of that,”

    Proposal details Provision of 800 residential units, providing a mixture of 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom apartments. Provision of environmental improvements 2,204 sq. m of... Read More →
  • Collaboration Providers Unveil Plans for Deeper Interoperability
    April 12, 2011 Kontakt ltd a construction company and City Foerster an architecture studio in Netherland are working together as a part of Collaborative Architecture’s on the latest project in Tirana Albania, called Ana project residential building in creating public spaces which are highly... Read More →
  • A bright idea about detail
    April 7th, 2011 Stairs details A well-designed stair is seldom merely a means of moving from one floor to another. But even by that standard, this one is a notable overachiever. Occupying a space that extends from the front of a deep, narrow townhouse-form residence to the rear, it conveys not only... Read More →
  • Kontakt Design & Construction Management Services
    April 5, 2011 Kontakt Corporation designs, builds and maintains many of the most challenging and complex projects. 

    Through its network of offices on Albania, the company provides comprehensive capabilities and expertise in the fields of engineering, procurement, construction,... Read More →
  • Need for Electric Counterbalance Truck
    April 2, 2011 KONTAKT l.t.d informs all suppliers and subcontractors that on April 4, 2011 has been published on “What do we purchase” column, a new bid to purchase an Electrical Counterbalance Truck for the Warehouse “KONTAKT”, located in Kashar, Tirana, Albania. The Electric Counterbalance Truck... Read More →
  • Collaboration signed between KONTAKT and Marazzi
    March 2011  KONTAKT ltd has signed a contract with MARAZZI Ltd for the construction work, to the value of over 20 million Euros, in the HOMEPLAN residential Building in Tirana Albania. This project is been started in March 2010, the work is scheduled for completion in August 2011 (a period of 16... Read More →
  • Washed Floor Implementation In "HOMEPLAN" Residence
    On 25 March 2011 KONTAKT” ltd in collaboration with Resin Albania has recently implemented the new floor pavement technology.

    The "Washed Pavement" is a new technology applied for the first time in "HOMEPLAN" Residence.

    It gives to the envirement a natural beauty and... Read More →
  • Our mission ends in environments
    On 20th of March 2011 We pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate innovative buildings, business ideas and industrial projects into their surrounding environments. We are acutely aware that the design, planning and management of residential spaces have considerable influence on the way we live... Read More →
  • Villa 77 the project of Kontakt
    On 15th of March 2011 The new restaurant going into Kavaja Street is called Villa 77 and is tha latest project of KONTAKT We want the restaurant to be light and open and festive. The restaurant will use light colors, a bright color scheme and light wood to give it an open feeling, which is rare in... Read More →
  • Homeplan ready for the wall bricks
    On 10th of March 2011 “The successful completion of the reinforcement and concreting is a testimony to the dedication and commitment of everyone, including the engineering, construction, and startup team members, who worked tirelessly on it.” At KONTAKT Ltd., we believe that in order to have a... Read More →
  • New Road Signs Project in Tirana
    On 05th of March 2011 New Road Signs Project in Tirana “KONTAKT”  ltd today announced that it has signed a contract with “ARIFAJ” ltd Company to provide supply and placement of Road Signaling, according to the Project “Multimodal Transport/ Dedicated Lanes and Increasing Road Security” in Tirana,... Read More →
  • Publication of Bid Winners Announcements
    On 21 of February 2011 KONTAKT l.t.d informs all suppliers and subcontractors that has announced the Winners of the following Bids: Invitation to Bid for Supply/ Placement of Plastic Windows, Doors and Grills; Invitation to Bid for Supply/ Placement of Garage Doors; Invitation to Bid for Supply/... Read More →
  • Publication of new Bids
    On 19 of February 2011 KONTAKT l.t.d informs all suppliers and subcontractors that on March 18, 2011 has been published on Procurement column new bids for the following works that will be performed in “HOMEPLAN” Residence, located in Rr. “Frosina Plaku” Nr.40, AL – 1009, Tirana, Albania: Invitation... Read More →
  • Reconstruction of Qemal Ataturk Plaza
    On 14th of February 2011 Developer: KONTAKT shpk  Client: Tirana Municipality  Total Area: 1600 sq m Project Development: February 2008 Reconstruction: 2010 Once again Kontakt has prove to his client's That he is the leader in developing innovative solutions-orientated safety management, loss... Read More →
  • Electricity Cabin Agreement
    On February 11, 2011 We are very proud to announce that KONTAKT Sh.p.k has reached an agreement with I.T.E Group Sh.p.k for the Supply/ Placement of the Electricity Cabin for the Residence Homeplan situated in the Street "Frosina Plaku", No. 40, Tirana, Albania.
  • The first step before starting
    February 07th 2011. KONTAKT is using the latest technology and methods. Makets are the models that are very close to the final building.

    The object when visualized and transformed into a model narrates it's real story. With a presentation model you get many views at a single glance and... Read More →
  • Live in Homeplan
    February 03th 2011 Our buyers choose Homeplan as their place to live because of the wonderful location, superior construction practices and attractiveness of the architecture. We are very excited for 2011 as we continue to lead the region with great values and low-maintenance, energy-efficient... Read More →