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For a long time the main topic in every discussion of ecologists was and is how to conserve water and use it more efficiently. Kontakt shpk its using a new method of watering plants called Drip Irrigation.

Drip irrigation is the practice of applying small amounts of water and fertilizer uniformity across a specific area.In drip irrigation method, water drips slowly to the roots of the plants either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone through a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters. The process is completed in narrow tubes so that water is given directly to the root of the plant. This way we eliminate runoff, evaporation, and drift. Drip irrigation is also termed as localized irrigation or micro irrigation.

As a construction company we aim to use the most innovative , ecologic technology, methods that are friendly with the environment.This practice has many advantages such as:

• Water Conservation - Drip irrigation allows you an efficient means watering by supplying water where it is needed - at the very roots of the plants. As a result, water is not wasted on leaves or soil. This significantly reduces the chances for evaporation and run off. Both are common with traditional irrigation systems where the water is often supplied at a rate greater than the soil can absorb it.We use less than the half of the water needed with traditional methods.

• Reduce Weed Growth - When water is applied using a conventional sprinkler, everything gets wet. Since drip irrigation systems applies water directly to the root zone of your plants, the spaces in between plants remain dry. This greatly inhibits weed seed germination. If the soil remains dry, most seeds will not germinate. Landscape maintenance will takes less time with drip irrigation.

• Reduce Plant Stress - When plants get deep, consistent watering, they thrive. Inefficient, shallow watering can contribute to plant stress. Promote healthy growth and disease resistance plants in your garden with a drip irrigation system.

• No Drift - Drip irrigation can deliver 1 to 4 gallons of water per hour to a landscape bed, and there is no drift, witch is what happens when wind carries water dispersed from an irrigation system to areas that do not need water (your sidewalks, walkaways and parking lots). No more wasting water.

• Healthy plants - Since the water drips to the roots the diseases may be lessened because plant foliage remains dry

• Easy Installation - Drip irrigation installation does not require excavating and rarely disrupts the integrity of a landscape bed during installation. Tubing is weaved throughout the area requiring watering. Therefore, drip irrigation systems can be moved and are not permanent like conventional irrigation systems (involving spray-heads, pop-up heads, etc.).