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Kontakt ltd is a construction company that operates in Albania since 1999. We are actually implementing a new and unique project designed from Daniel Libeskind, Magnet Neighborhood, in Tirana, Albania.

The official website of the company is

Considering the dimension of this project and the strategy with which Kontakt ltd operates in employing young people, we have decided to give internship positions as architects, urbanists, civil engineers, hydro engineers, IT, web developers, marketing and sales agents.

This positions are open to university students from outside of Albania, that want to have an experience for one or two months in the fields of study mentioned above.

Kontakt ltd offers full coverage of living expenses and accommodation during the time of the internship.

Feel free to contact us through:

You can find the useful information on the web or on our facebook page: Kontakt shpk

Deadline of the application: 30/11/2015.