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Nowadays with the imense possiblities of tecnology and innovation humankind has the opportunity to choose to improve oneself and get the best of what it is surrounded by. 

In Kontakt, we have tried to get the best of tecnology and become the number one company offering services no other company can offer. We are able to produce concrete and steel structure by ourselves using the right equipment and tools that we have bought from european countries. We want to emphasize that our laboratories are certified and ready to be used by other companies that need to produce concrete or steel structure. 

We are determined to reise the level of perfection in what we offer and we would like to provide with excellent products environmentally healthy. Today's global issue is how to save the earth and how to preserve a safe environment. We produce sustainable structures and we preserve innovative ideas. 

For further information you can contact us thorugh our email address: or our telephone number: 0682029807.

Kontak ltd - To build is more than it seems!