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Company Kontakt ltd, already leader in the field of construction comes closer to the public by using electronic mail, so-called Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns, PEM. Through the use of personalized email we have like a main purpose to have direct contact, continuous contact, longtime contact and more importantly the same treatment for all without creating groups or individual preferences.

For Kontakt ltd using PME is one of the effective ways, a cheap marketing technique, which helps us to inform the public in a real time related products that the company produce  and launches in trade and of course helps us to create a reliable ongoing relationship between us and ourclients.

Actually, Kontaktltd has a database of emails including about 20,000 emails, which are cleared and added each day in view of being as close to the customer inevery moment of the day and with a negligible cost by saving him time and other expenses. This time, for the implementation of PME inKontakt ltd is working a dedicated andprofessional staff and in the same time we are collaborating withother companies that have as their object the realization of PME campaigns but always being coherent with each other.

It should be noted that in both cases the email content is credible and realistic, means that the content of its can be obtained easily by interested persons without lengthy procedures and according to the quality shown in. As a month of celebrations, everyone can celebrate becoming a customer of Kontakt ltd and taking advantage of its unique offer for apartment 2 + 1, 78 sqmfor only 57,000 euros. This is the content of PME for December 2015, by which everyone canprofit and make a smart investment.