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Committed to delivering sustainable solutions for long-term prosperity

Kontakt has engineered, managed, and built complex projects of the modern era especially in Tirana by bringing an innovative view on construction and paying particular attention to the context and the urban area. What we do is try to focus on delivering the highest levels of quality, safety, sustainability, performance, and value to our customer but also by offering excellent solutions. 

Our success is inextricably linked to society’s progress. Increasingly, our customers and projects face some of the toughest sustainability challenges—such as rising urbanization, access to reliable energy, and global workforce development. We regard sustainability as our responsibility to enhance the positive effects of our projects where possible and avoid or mitigate the potentially negative ones. We believe that we are not just delivering a physical asset to our customers and communities but also creating an enabling environment that will benefit them in the long term.

We are fortunate that the scale and mix of our projects enable us to make significant positive impacts in the communities where we work.

Areas of focus

  • Protecting people and the environment
  • Promoting economic development
  • Partnering with communities and society

Our process

Based on our experience we have developed a comprehensive set of core processes that helps identify, assess, and manage potential impacts associated with our projects. Other processes, such as security and procurement, help us manage additional potential risks to our communities related to the provision of security and engagement of subcontractors. These core processes are governed by our management system. That system is grounded in personal accountability and continuous improvement, particularly in advancing awareness of potential project opportunities and risks, developing enterprise capabilities, and promoting greater consistency in how we manage sustainability.

Generating sustainable alternatives

We leverage our experience and expertise in engineering and design to generate sustainable alternatives in the construction of our projects—including reducing material requirements, energy use—and to help our customers to find the environmentally friendly place to live. That is why we chose to have a major project designed by Daniel Libeskind, as one of the greatest architects of our times, who has proposed a unique master plan that cannot be found anywhere in Albania considering even the sustainable aspect he has implemented in it.

Featured Projects