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A strong commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace

Zero Incidents Philosophy

Kontakt has adopted a Zero Incidents philosophy that all work-related accidents, incidents, injuries, and illnesses are preventable. This philosophy promotes:

  • Constant awareness of each individual's responsibility to identify and eliminate unsafe practices and conditions in the workplace;
  • Building a safety team mentality such that all workers contribute to the effort, and all supervisors are fully aware of their team’s capabilities and limitations and are held accountable for the team’s actions; and
  • Building a culture in which everyone accepts responsibility and accountability for his or her own safety and health as well as the safety and health of coworkers.


Contractors are responsible for complying with all governing environmental laws, regulations, permits, and project plans (e.g., A Construction Environmental Control Plan) and are expected to employ effective field control measures. Contractors, sub-tier contractors, and suppliers will be required to comply with all access restrictions, including prohibitions on access to sensitive resources (e.g., wetlands, archeological sites, special wildlife habitats) or areas adjacent to the worksite.

Safety and Health

Contractors will be responsible for promptly reporting all injuries and near misses to project on-site management and conducting an incident investigation in a timely manner. The incident investigation should focus on identifying and documenting the root cause(s), finding(s), and corrective action(s) to prevent the incident from reoccurring.

Contractors are required to provide an employee who is currently certified in first aid to render adequate treatment for their employees working on site. On projects that provide a first aid facility, contractors may elect to sign a hold harmless agreement and use the project-provided services.

Suppliers shall ensure the safety of any Kontakt project or customer representative while present at or in supplier’s plants and the plants of suppliers' sub-tier providers, including provision of appropriate personal protective equipment, as appropriate. If, at any time, a Kontakt, project or customer representative deems that the conditions at the supplier’s, or sub-tier contractor’s, facilities are unsafe and promptly notifies the supplier accordingly, the Kontakt, project or its customer representative shall be entitled to suspend their activities at such plants until such time as the unsafe conditions are resolved to reasonable satisfaction.