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Annual Report 2014
Our collaboration with the world renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, designer of our major and very special project Eagle in Flight, as well as with the architect Martin Sobota, in the project AnA, has helped us to maintain as well as to continuously raise our standards.
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Annual Report 2013
I am delighted to present a Company to you that is 'built to last' and is proud to have continually delivered the right engineering and construction solutions for our public and private sector clients since its inception in 1999. 2013 was a challenging year for KONTAKT. Nevertheles KONTAKT has continued to grow and has never lost the focus from its basic principals, which are high quality, innovation and investment in human resources, hence raising the overall standards of our Company.
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Annual Report 2012
2012 was a challenging year for Kontakt. Our capital city is living a period where the construction boom is starting to calm down. However the times may have been changing, Kontakt has always kept growing and has never lost focus on its main ideals which are bringing high quality works, innovation and raising standards on this society.
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Annual Report 2011
2010 was an excellent year for Kontakt. Our performance reveals a powerful momentum evident through the entire company: in every project, in our financial performance and in our accomplishments. We achieved high earnings and EBITDA, generated strong operating cash flow, and raised our dividend. While these are significant achievements, I believe our most important accomplishment was creating a blueprint for our future - a plan we began implementing during 2010. This action plan will leverage Kontakt’s footprint and fundamental strengths and enhance our ability to generate sustainable, long- term growth.
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Annual Report 2009
Kontakt LTD is an experienced company operating in the construction industry and specialized in the implementation of industrial housing, commercial, office, recreational and traffic construction projects in the Tirana metropolitan and other regional areas of Albania.
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